CES Extra Credit post

The thing that I am going to talk about is called the Parrot AR. Drone. It is a virtual flying helicopter(in this case its called a quadricopter) video game. You can control the quadricopter (a helicopter that has 4 of those fan things) with your iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad. The quadricopter has a carbon-fiber tube structure with 4 motors (that goes 3,500 rpm), a 93 degree wide-angle lens camera (which can sense 3D stuff) and ultrasound altimeters (a.k.a SONAR). The whole thing with out the hull weighs 380 grams (0.8 lbs) and with the hull 420 grams (0.9 lbs). The quadricopter has 12 minutes of flying time. The quadcopter could also be used for 2 player games such as AR. Freeflight and AR. Pursuit.

The link is www.ardrone.com

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